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The Wonders of the findMe


Ageing in place is the new term used for our loved one wanting to stay at home and assistive technology means giving them the resources and means to do so. It’s no lie, everyone wants to stay at home and it is up to us to help maintain their dignity, freedoms and give them as much support as we can.

The uenmi brand is the only trusted brand to do so. We ensure the electronics in the device is quality assured, which means, we just don’t sell, we inspect our products right at factory level.

Buying our product gives you peace of mind avoids costly monthly services, I mean, why pay for someone to monitor and spend 00s a year doing so when you can do it for free with the uenmi findMe device.

It’s the same habit as any mobile phone except easier. One push of the button and you get notified with GoogleMapcordinates. Your gps will tell you where they are and you don’t have to be a health professional to call the ambulance services.

It’s a great product for being anywhere and the main features used are;

SOS Emergency Button –

When you’re in trouble you need help fast, why fumble with searching for contact numbers and wasting critical time. How many peole do you know that can think rationally when they’re in trouble?…One push and help can be on its way.

Just press the SOS button and an ambulance can be called within. The unit has sent the gps coordinates so the ambulance services can be told where you are to 2.5 meters directly from the power of GoogleMaps.

Locate them-

The findMe pendant can be located anywhere by sending it a text message saying loc (location) and it will send you back a GoogleMap location. Jusk click on the link and ‘bobs your uncle’..you know exactly where the pendant is.

Geo-Fencing –

Set the geo-fencing to a predetermined parameter of say, 50 metres from the home, when the unit passes it, the unit texts a message instantly.

Make a call-

The user can contact you without having to deploy the emergency SOS alarm. Just press the phone button on the unit and it will call the first contact. Then you just text the unit for gps coordinates and direct the user back..


This is a potentially lifesaving device and we encourage you to buy it. Just recommend us to friends and we will reduce the cost of your pendant by AUD$10.00, UK£6.00 and USD$7.00 or equivalent in other currencies.

Once you have purchased the findMe gps tracker send your receipt to friends@gpstracker.com